Brazilian Football Academy (Singapore)


How to join our dedicated team?
Tinytots Soccer is looking for talented, positive and enthusiastic people. If you would like to be part of the team, send us your CV to info@bfa.com.sg.

What’s it like being part of the team?
Being a part of Tinytots Soccer has its distinct benefits: we are joined together by passion for what we do, mutual respect and by the friendships that blossom when like-minded people get together and create something inspirational.

What we’ll expect from you
Whether you coach for us for just a few hours a week or full time, we’ll expect you to give 100%. We are looking for total commitment and absolute professionalism.  In return, we can promise you an immensely enriching and rewarding job.

The role is varied and you’ll develop skills at teaching the tiniest of tots. Classes may be mixed or of differing levels, so we are looking for an ability to bring out the strengths in each child and build a team.

You’ll need to demonstrate your creativity, empathy and versatility, switching between different groups with different needs, and ensuring every child gets a valuable experience out of the session.  A sense of humour is essential, as is a healthy dose of patience.

What makes a great Tinytots Soccer Coach?
There isn’t one personality type that stands out for becoming a perfect coach, however there are certain qualities that most highly successful children’s coaches possess.

The most important of these traits is a calm self-belief.  If you feel you are rather lacking in that department, you’d be surprised how working with us can nurture self-assurance.  You’ll find that your confidence will grow as you see the results you have helped to create.

Other desirable traits include being:
Positive, happy, friendly, open, approachable, supportive, resourceful, calm under pressure, kind – in short, being a genuinely nice person

Desirable skills include:
Strong communication skills, the ability to enthuse and inspire, being able to manage groups well, being organised – in short, being professional

Working in Tinytots Soccer office
If your football skills aren’t up to much, there are plenty of other ways you could work with us.
One of the best aspects of working in the office is the variety – a great mix of organization and dealing with people.

Key admin functions you would fulfil include:

  • New client enquiries
  • Sending out information about courses, venues etc.
  • Cancelling or re-scheduling classes
  • Liaising with venues and grounds
  • Organising birthday parties
  • Liaising with coaches about classes, venues and clients
  • Dealing with general queries

You might also like to get involved in:

  • Doing PR with the local press
  • Writing the e-newsletter
  • Book-keeping and accounts
  • New business development
  • Recruitment
  • Territory research