Brazilian Football Academy (Singapore)

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
How will BFA communicate with the parents?

Email Newsletter is the best source of updated information. It contains details on training times, upcoming events and club issues that have arisen. It will be emailed out to all members very often for the duration of the season.
What normally happen in a 90min training session?

0 – 10 mins – warm up and some times streching.
10 – 15 mins – Agility, Co-ordination, speed, balance and fitness training
15 – 60 mins – Technical skills-based practice.
40 – 70mins – Small sided games.

The above is a general guide that coaches can deviate from as they see fit. Also most of the technical sckills are done in small sided games.
How are the A and B squads selected?
Players are placed on a squad according to a range of criteria including, attitude, ability and commitment. For more information please see BFA Team Philosophies – the A and B squads are in no way fixed and players will move between the two at the team coach’s discretion. No players are guaranteed of a spot in either squad.

How many players are in each squad?
No squad sizes are fixed. We have formulated an optimum number for each age group, but the squad may expand or shrink according to players arriving or departing over the course of the season.
How do I know if practices or Tournaments / Matches are cancelled?
Please refer to our inclement weather policy on the web site
Where can I find a practice and game schedule for my team?
The full practice and match schedule will be posted on the web site for your reference. However, the schedule is subject to change, so it is recommended that you check it on a regular basis. Any changes will also be communicated in the newsletter.
What should players wear to practice?
Players should wear their blue and white BFA practice shirts, football socks, shin pads and appropriate footwear. Players should always bring both cleats and flat soled shoes to training as coaches may ask the team to do some track work for which they will need flat soled shoes.




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