Brazilian Football Academy (Singapore)

General T&C

  1. REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION. Registration is open on a first-come-first-served basis. Email confirmation will be provided upon receipt of completed form and payment. No refund will be made. All payments must be settled within 7 days of submitting the application to reserve your space. For those signing up for the first time there will be a S$50 kit fee which will include jersey, shorts, socks.
  2. REFUND POLICY. No refunds will be made unless a class is cancelled due to insufficient numbers. No credit will be given for a student who misses a session for any other reason.
  3. CLASS TERMS. Children will meet at the venue mentioned in the program details. Once the session is complete, guardians will be required to pick the students up from the same designated spot. Guardians will be contacted via e-mail at least 45 minutes prior to session commencement if cancellation is to be made. Children and guardians shall obey the rules and regulations governing the grounds
  4. WET WEATHER POLICY. In the event of wet weather sessions, if the class is run in an outdoor venue or an indoor class has been heavily affected by the weather, classes may be cancelled and make up sessions will be arranged.
  5. HAZE POLICY. The 3 hour PSI reading on the NEA website will be used to determine whether classes should go ahead. In the event that the 3 hour PSI mark is above the 150 level 2 hours before the class, we will go ahead and cancel the relevant class and inform parents/guardians registered to the particular class via an e-mail notification. Should such a situation occur, you will be automatically credited with 1 session which would be valid for use as a makeup during the validity of the term that you are enrolled for.
  6. LIABILITY WAIVER. I hereby give consent for my child/me to take part in the activity and consent to any emergency treatment as necessary. I accept that Tinytots Sports Pte Ltd and their employees and coaches are not under liability whatsoever in respect of injury, loss or damage to my child’s/my health or property whilst participating in any coaching sessions, camps, tournament or other activities wherein my child participates. I understand that participating in any Tinytots Sports Pte Ltd organized activity is at my child’s/my own risk. Tinytots Sports Pte Ltd, its owners, employees and coaches shall not be liable for any damage whatsoever, even in the event of negligence or gross negligence by Tinytots Sports Pte Ltd, its owners, employes and coaches, arising from any personal injury, death, or property loss sustained by participants and family during any coaching, camp, tournament or other coaching, camp, tournament or other activities related to the participants and family enrolment with Tinytots Sports Pte Ltd for the current term and any future terms. Tinytots Sports Pte Ltd treats safety and wellbeing of children as a priority and reserves the right to expel from any of our activities and without refund any participant or its family who is found bullying, misbehaving or who is generally disruptive.
  7. PHOTOGRAPHS AND VIDEOS. I herewith consent that any photos or videos taken during Tinytots Sports Pte Ltd organized activities are the sole property of Tinytots Sports Pte Ltd and can be used for marketing purposes. These photos or videos will not be passed onto third parties. If you do not wish us to use photos or videos that include your children, please write to us at info@bfa.com.sg with subject line “PHOTOGRAPHS AND VIDEOS”